My Personal Greatplace Journey Comes Together in Me

Me enables individuals to view all their personal Connect tool input and personal Coaction Plans. The Greatplace Journey is a continuous process of Personal and Professional development, not a one time event. In Me individuals are able to access all their input and monitor their progress over time.

The Greatplace Scorecard engages everyone in providing feedback on how they are doing on each of the 10 Greatplace Behaviors.  They are prompted to answer:

1. How important is this to you?
2. How are you currently doing?
3. Why do you feel the way you do?

These questions make people really think about where they are and what they need to do to improve.  They provide a gap analysis between how important the behaviors currently are and how people are doing and this data is made even more meaningful by their qualitative response to “why do you feel the way you do”.

The Greatplace Scorecard is so much more than your standard “pulse” survey — it is a tool that engages both the individual and the organization in creating an environment that demonstrates the 10 Greatplace Behaviors.