Software Solutions

There is no other solution that facilitates both individual and organization learning like Unleash. The software platform is designed to enhance and complement your existing tools and systems delivering a powerful education and innovation system. Unleash is a student-focused education system that facilitates learning, mentoring, and collaborating. It actually that taps into the unique needs of each and every individual.


Software Platform with a Robust Planning Tool at its Center
The Unleash platform is clean, simple, and structured. At the center of the system is a powerful planning capability, the Coaction Plan. This planning function guides individuals to develop multi-layered Priorities, Goals, and Actions.  It actually helps individuals think through what they need to do to accomplish their goals.  Coaction Plans help people think strategically and revise and enhance their plans in a real time manner.  The plans work at the individual, group, and organizational level to foster personal accountability and group collaboration and alignment.


Guided Thinking Methodology Promotes Purposeful Conversations
Our Guided Thinking Methodology differentiates Unleash by engaging individuals in a structured dialogue that helps them think, learn, reflect, and share. Each tool is designed to guide the participant in a process of personal self-discovery that culminates with an AHA or a new learning.  Open ended questions guide individuals through the online conversation the builds on their input and structures their output. This process helps build confidence and fully engages individuals in a journey of exploration, discovery, and planning.

Greatplace Scorecard Engages Everyone
The Greatplace Scorecard engages everyone in providing feedback on how they are doing on each of the 10 Greatplace Behaviors.  They are prompted to answer:

  1. How important is this to you?
  2. How are you currently doing?
  3. Why do you feel the way you do?

These questions make people really think about where they are and what they need to do to improve.  They provide a gap analysis between how important the behaviors currently are and how people are doing and this data is made even more meaningful by their qualitative response to “why do you feel the way you do”.

The Greatplace Scorecard is so much more than your standard “pulse” survey — it is a tool that engages both the individual and the organization in creating an environment that demonstrates the 10 Greatplace Behaviors.

Reporting and Filter Make Data Actionable 
The Greatplace Scorecard is just one example of how elegantly Unleash engages and aligns individuals and constituents across your organization.  The beauty of Unleash is that this level of real-time, guided, constructive input is designed into all aspects of the system.  The Unleash platform, tool structure, and relational data base architecture provide a revolutionary level of real time visibility.  The reporting capability and filter foster new insights and understanding that get at the subtle nuances that really matter.

Leadership at all levels have the data required to proactively develop strategy, allocate resources, provide developmental opportunities, and manage performance based on real-time capabilities and needs at the individual, group, and organizational level.  It creates alignment, accountability, and visibility up, down, and across the system.

Connect Tools Build a Consistent Learning Format
Connect Tools are structured, powerful learning experiences that provide a consistent, dependable learning format.  Each tool guides the individual through a clear set of questions that provoke them to think.  No endless memorization or auto pilot activities in Unleash.  These tools engage the participant in an active, thoughtful conversation that uses their full brain capacity and stimulates their mind.  The tools are powerful yet fun and easy to use.  Students of all ages and backgrounds can actively participate and achieve results through these powerful learning experiences.

Unleash Education Provides a Complete Software Solution
No other solution brings it all together like Unleash Education.  The software platform is deep and powerful yet simple and clean.  It engages individuals in a profound lifelong learning journey.  This is so much more than a smart software solution. It is a transformational tool that will bring revolutionary change to the world.  Unleash Education is the solution we’ve been waiting for.  It will develop the talent we need for our future and deliver Leadership, Professionalism, and Personal Growth for individuals everywhere.leadership professionalism personal growth revised blue cropped