Unleash Story


Welcome to Unleash Education. I founded this company because I believe it is time for change; deep, sustained change. Our vision is to create a great place for all — a world where each and every individual is valued for his or her unique contribution. Our mission is to unleash the potential of individuals and organizations…online, in real time!

Unleash is the solution we’ve been waiting for. We’ve been talking about diversity, the learning organization, leadership development, and the voice of the people for years. But let’s face it technology, training, and culture change initiatives have failed to deliver a solution that creates a great place for all. Unleash Education fills this critical void.

My 10 Greatplace Behaviors
Instead of just nice words on the page, Unleash teaches, reinforces, and embeds leadership values and behaviors into the learning process. It guides individuals and organizations to think, to plan, to take action, and to reflect on how their actions impact results. These behaviors become how we live and work and they are reinforced on a daily basis in all we do. Finally, there is a solution that takes the intangible yet essential behaviors of success and turns them into visible, demonstrable action.

Individuals Learn
The system takes each person through a process of personal discovery, planning, and reflection. It ensures individuals take ownership for their own personal and professional development. But with Unleash people are never alone; stranded with no-one to talk to. Each person can be supported by a network of mentors – teachers, parents, subject matter experts, peers, and other professionals – who teach, guide, and support them.

Since we are all part of many organizations, Unleash  brings all our Knowledge Centers together for us in an organized, structured manner. On one screen, we can access all our learning opportunities: our school, our work, our volunteer work, our associations, our hobbies, our community, etc.

Organizations Become Knowledge Centers
Unleash Education provides rich, real time quantitative and qualitative feedback that flows up, down, and across. This level of visibility turns any organization into a dynamic Knowledge Center. With Unleash, leaders have the data they need to make timely, strategic decisions with confidence. They have the information they need to let creativity and innovation flourish.

We Unleash Remarkable Results Together
Unleash Education concurrently develops the Individual and Knowledge Center. It creates learning individuals and learning organizations, all at the same time. The system promotes fully engaged individuals who support the Center’s shared vision and take accountability for delivering remarkable results both personally and collectively. It produces a group of capable individuals who come together with shared purpose and passion.

Let’s Change the World Together
Please join me in this exciting journey. We need deep, sustained change. Let’s build networks of vibrant Knowledge Centers around the world where each and every person has the opportunity to develop the skills they need to succeed. Unleash definitely will change the world. It’s time to build a society that is full of growth, self-sufficiency, and prosperity for all. Unleash really is the solution we’ve been waiting for and the wait is finally over. Let’s create a great place for all. Let’s change the world together.

Diane Nerby, Founder & President