Susan is an artist, expressive arts therapist, and educator. She is dedicated to bringing art into the community and believes that the primary purpose of Art is to heal. That the artist expresses not only their feelings and emotions, but their journey through their suffering; from the pit of despair to the realization that they are loved, so that the viewer is uplifted and inspired to positively view and express their own journey, which in turn will inspire others. As a Celtic artist, Susan captures light and movement in her work, striving to create 3-dimensional images in a variety of media: pastels, oils, acrylics and mixed media. Her distinct style, love of color, and dramatic composition makes her paintings a favorite with private collectors. She is an international artist, and has exhibited in France, Great Britain and the United States.

Susan is the CEO/Founder of Arts and Health, LLC, (www.arts-health.com) which provides art and educational programs to culturally diverse communities. Susan has over 20+ years experience as an expressive arts therapist providing services and programs to people with various abilities and disabilities. Susan is also a published author.

Susan graduated from Portsmouth University,England, 1987, with a BA Art and Design, and then studied Art Therapies at The Arts-Health Academy, graduating in 1998. Susan continued her studies and graduated with a M.S. (Human Services) from Springfield College, MA, in December 2002. In May 2012, Susan completed a doctorate degree in Expressive Arts Therapies from Lesley University, MA.

She is a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT), CPRP (Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner), CPS (Certified Prevention Specialist) and ADC (Activity Director Certified).


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