Community Arts


The Dawning, Mixed Media Mural, 4ft x 12ft panel with paper maché  base

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The Adult Day Center is a nonprofit agency committed to providing high quality, affordable medical and social day care services for disabled and elderly residents of Somerset County, NJ. The center members created a mural that was designed to depict a journey, from feelings of confusion and anxiety, that some had felt at home, to tranquility and serenity when they joined the day center and made friends there. Images included a jungle scene, tiger for strength and power, birds and flowers, a beach scene with hammock and hut, to the ocean, boat, mermaid and a sunset.

     Monet’s Garden, Acrylic, 14ft x 20ft

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Designing therapeutic environments incorporates the aesthetic, physical and emotional needs of the residents as well as space dynamics and function. Murals improve quality of life by utilizing color, sounds, textures, light and movement. They can soothe, be interactive or stimulate the senses. This mural was created for an Alzheimer’s and Dementia unit at a long-term care facility in the Bronx, NY. The soft blues andgreens were chosen to provide a visually calming image. Residents assisted in its creation and the finishing touches were added to create a work of art. 

Italian Marketplace, Interactive Mural, Mixed Media, 14 ft x 20 ft

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  A Walk in the Park, Acrylic, 6ft x 18ft

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This mural was created for a Adult Day Program in East Orange, N.J. The program provides services for adults with a wide range of abilities and disabilities.

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