Mirrors for the Mastetomy Patient (Dr. Wyona Freysteinson et al.)

Intuitively, the investigators surmise the initial and subsequent viewing of a breast site following mastectomy may be traumatic. A qualitative study on the experience of viewing self in the mirror for a woman who has had a mastectomy has confirmed the experience is unique for each individual, and may well be difficult. This research study aims to determine if these difficult moments may be buffered by a mirror intervention providing women who are scheduled for a mastectomy with a hand held mirror, instructions by a Oncology Nurse Navigator (ONN) on how to use the mirror in initial and subsequent dressing changes, and offering to discuss any concerns or questions. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of a nursing mirror educational intervention and determine if it is of potential value for women scheduled for a mastectomy. Results from this pilot study will help determine whether the research design, setting, sample, instruments, data collection and data analysis are appropriate and practical for a larger study.

Research Paper

Freysteinson, W.M., Deutsch, A.S., Lewis, C. Sisk, A., Wuest, L. & Cesario, S. K. (2012). The experience of viewing self in the mirror after a mastectomy. Oncology Nursing Forum, 39(4), 361-369. http://ons.metapress.com/content/f6n515153671um52/fulltext.pdf

Powerpoint Presentations

Community Consultation: Ethical Preparation for Nursing Research This power point depicts a community consultation project with 40 women in a breast cancer community. The purpose of the project was to determine the legitimacy of research where women are asked to reflect on their memories of viewing self in the mirror. One key value of community consultation is the awareness that research ultimately contributes to the social good.

Interpreting the Changed “Me” in the Mirror: Viewing Self after a Mastectomy Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International 23rd International Nursing Research Congress in Brisbane, Australia ● 30 July – 3 August 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. In this power point, the history of Dr. Freysteinson’s work of the mirror is illustrated beginning with the woman who contributed to her understanding that the compassionate use of mirrors transforms suffering: Grandma Fannie. Dr. A. Deutsch describes how the DNP role complements the PhD role in clinical research. Carol Lewis, RN conveys the practice changes oncology nurse navigators are making because of the research. July 2012 Memorial Hermann 5th Annual Research Celebration Day.  Memorial Hermann the Woodlands, Houston, Texas.


July 2012 Oncology Nursing Society Podcast Series. Viewing Self in the Mirror: Promoting Psychosocial Wellbeing for Women How Have Had a Mastectomy.