Mirrors & Identity

Having a strong sense of identity is key for everyone but it is especially important for adolescents who are transitioning from the dependence of childhood to the independence of adulthood.

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Burns Research

There is limited research in the use of mirrors with burn patients, and the experiences of staff in utilizing these mirrors in a therapeutic environment.

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Mirrors & Cancer

Research shows that using mirrors with women who have had a mastetomy can have a positive effect on treatment.

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Mirrors and the Elderly

Often nursing homes limit the use of mirrors with residents suffering from Dementia, but limited research indicates the therapeutic use of mirrors may have a beneficial effect on the elderly.

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Research shows that mirrors have the potential to reduce episodes of patient delirium in the ICU unit.

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Mirrors in Healthcare

Healthcare facilities restrict the use of mirrors in the belief that they have a negative effect on patient care. Contary to this belief, research shows that mirrors aid the healing process by helping patients to come to terms with their physical appearance.

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