Presentations and Workshops

Conference Presentations

– Susan, Ridley (2011). Pilot study: A reflection of identity. Paper presented at the Canadian Art Therapy Association Conference in Ontario, Canada.

– Ridley, Susan (2011). Pilot study: A reflection of identity. Poster presented at the American Psychological Association Conference in Washington, DC.

– Ridley, Susan (2009). Expressive arts: A spiritual connection. Paper presented at the Arts in Prevention Conference in New Jersey.

– Ridley, Susan (2006). Creative approaches to wellness. Paper presented at the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (NJPRA) Conference in New Jersey.



– Ridley, Susan (2009 – to date). Expressive arts therapy: Mirror project. Ongoing workshops presented at the Livingston Youth and Community Services program in New Jersey.

– Ridley, Susan (2006 – 2008). Various topics including tai chi basics, yoga for seniors, flower arranging 101. Workshops presented at BrandywineAssisted Living in New Jersey.

– Ridley, Susan (2005). Various topics: Developing therapeutic activities, anger management, insomnia, time management, self defense, stress management, crime prevention & safety, coping with loss, communication techniques, health & fitness, mental health & depression, domestic violence. Workshops presented at Windsor Gardens Assisted Living Facilities in New Jersey.

– Ridley, Susan (2001 – 2005). Various topics: Interactive and stimulating programs for dementia residents, communication tips for dementia resident, sensory stimulation, importance of music in therapy, CNA activities tracking system. Training and workshops presented at Providence Rest Nursing Home in New York.

– Ridley, Susan (2001). Healing arts. Workshop presented at SpringfieldCollegeLearning in Later Life in Springfield, MA.

– Ridley, Susan (2001). Stress and time management. Training presented at MPOWER/Advocacy Unlimited in Boston, MA.

– Ridley, Susan (2000). Quality improvements. Workshop presented at Partnering for Recovery and Rehabilitation Conference (MBHP) in Boston, MA.

– Ridley, Susan (2000). Evaluating Quality Improvements. Training presented at The Partnership (MBHP)/Division for Medical Assistance in Boston, MA.

– Ridley, Susan (1999 – 2001). Various topics: Communication Skills, Team Building, Understanding Body Language, Fears and Anxieties, Violence and Aggression, Interview Techniques, Outpatient Survey Development, Staff Policies and Procedures, Inpatient Survey Development, Day Treatment Survey Development, and Partial Hospitalization Survey Development. Training and workshops presented at the Massachusetts Consumer Satisfaction Team Initiative (MCST) in Boston and Holyoke, MA.

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    Someone Hurt Me encourages children with histories of trauma and/or abuse to work through their feelings and aids them in the healing process. Its vivid illustrations and empathetic text provide a graphic focus for their emotions and helps them articulate how they feel. Paperback 48 pages.

     Insights: Arts and Poetry by Consumers/Survivors with Trauma, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems. Insights is a collection of Arts and Poetry by consumers/survivors with trauma, mental health and substance abuse problems. Paperback 108 pages.

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