Research Interest: Using mirrors as a tool for self-reflection.

The Mirror Project Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? These fundamental questions have been pondered through the centuries by inquiring minds searching for answers to the meaning of life. Although these theoretical subjects are far above the concerns of some people, exploration of these concepts are vital in dealing with activities of daily living and one’s response to unexpected crises that may be experienced during ones lifetime. A strong foundation and belief in one’s identity, meaning and purpose in life, as well as spiritual convictions may help turn negative experiences into opportunities for growth… more

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    Someone Hurt Me encourages children with histories of trauma and/or abuse to work through their feelings and aids them in the healing process. Its vivid illustrations and empathetic text provide a graphic focus for their emotions and helps them articulate how they feel. Paperback 48 pages.

     Insights: Arts and Poetry by Consumers/Survivors with Trauma, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems. Insights is a collection of Arts and Poetry by consumers/survivors with trauma, mental health and substance abuse problems. Paperback 108 pages.

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